Text Link Ads for Advertisers

TextLinkAds.com will help to greatly improve your search engine rankings and traffic.
If you are new to link buying, Text Link Ads is a perfect tool for your new linking campaign.
Links are a source of targeted traffic, they are the number one factor for raising your search engine rankings.

Buying relevant links from sites with established traffic and PageRank will get you referral visitors as well as organic traffic from search engines. You can choose the anchor text of your backlinks to make sure your site is ranking for keywords which are important to you and will bring most traffic.

At the moment TextLinkAds.com offers a $100 free bonus to every new advertiser. There are no restrictions, you can choose where to place links in TLA's huge searchable database of thousands of niche sites. With $100 for free, you can buy a link for more than a year on your favorite site. You don't have to worry about clickthrough rate (CTR) or impressions (CPM) - the links you buy will be shown for 30 days with flat price.

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Feedvertising - sell links in RSS feeds

Feedvertising is Text Link Ads RSS ad technology. It allows bloggers to place unobtrusive text link ads into the bottom of their RSS feeds.

You can use the free Feedvertising technology to run text link ads in your RSS feed. Whether the ads come from TLA, your own in-house efforts, or your affiliate links... the choice is totally up to you!

  • It's free. Use Feedvertising to expand your income without ever spending a dime.
  • It's flexible. Sell ads in-house, opt into TLA marketplace to get help selling ad spots, promote affiliate programs or your other blogs, or use a combination of all of the above to maximize your sales and exposure. It's totally up to you.
  • It's clean. We all know that site visitors prefer text links over banners and buttons, and the same is true for your feed. Use Feedvertising's pure HTML text link ads and get better response.
  • It's predictable. No variable CPM rates or cost-per-click systems to worry about, just predictable flat rate pricing.
Read more about Feedvertising on TextLinkAds.com.

Text Link Ads Publisher FAQ

Text Link AdsText Link Ads are unique because they are static html links that can drive targeted traffic and help link popularity which is a top factor in organic search engine rankings, therefore it is a very popular method amongst advertisers. Your site may be just what they are looking for.

Can I control what links will appear on my site?
Yes, you can choose to be emailed every time a new ad is sold so you can approve it or deny it from being published.

Can I run Text Link Ads along with other ad systems I am currently running?
Yes, Text Link Ads can be run along any ad system as we are not a contextually served product. That includes AdSense, Yahoo and other contextual ads.

How does TLA price the ads on my site?
Text Link Ads uses a pricing algorithm that factors in the traffic of your website, theme of your website, and link popularity of your website.

What is the revenue share of any ads sold?
TLA has a 50/50 split from the final sale price of any ads sold. TLA handles serving, scheduling, billing, customer service, and sales.